TYROLIT, The World's leader of Grinding, Polishing, Cutting and Drilling tecnology

tyrolit brandhistory

    In 1895, Daniel Swarovski established a crystal stone for jewelry factory in town of Wattern in Tyrol, Austria. In 1919 the TYROLIT Company is founded and the brand registered and produced abrasives and polishing equipment.

    TYROLIT is the leader of grinding, cutting, drilling, honing and polishing. Innovate and develop new technology, TYROLIT intend their products to meet the world’s standard. More than 80,000 products, 4,466 employees and 27 factories in 12 countries around the world, TYROLIT’s facilities can support and fulfill product and market needs continuously.

    TYROLIT Thai Diamond opened in Rayong province, Thailand in 2006, producing grinding, cutting and drilling products to support domestic and international market under the name of TYROLIT. Furthermore, TYROLIT also manufacture cutting and drilling equipment under “TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS” brand, the high quality products from Switzerland. The product is well accepted by professional in Europe and USA.

    KTW Group collaborates with TYROLIT to distribute TYROLIT products for construction and industrial business. KTW Group was appointed as authorized distributor in 2010. Products featured under our distribution are Diamond cutting Wheels, Core Drilling, Wall Saws, Wire Saws, Bursting and Crusher.

     Quality of TYROLIT, the world renowned brand, included expert team and our excellence services. You can rely on TYROLIT by KTW Group.

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